Masker Bengkoang Mustika Ratu

Senin, 12 November 2012

For women who want beautiful, mask is one of the routines are very important. because the mask can brighten dull skin and remove dead skin cells which make the face very unattractive. Post this time I would like to review the mask which I believe to brighten the face and acne scars. yesss, it's Mustika Ratu Masker Bengkoang.
 Packing :
Packingnya really very beautiful with a very beautiful carving. Batik Brown color which is synonymous with Java, really love it!! There are two different packaging contents, the contents 15gr I got it, and I forgot the other contents of the packing..hehehe
behind packs loads of information about this mask, you can read for yourself if the mask is made of bengkoang (yam).

Review :
When using a mask, it's cool. I admit this product can make a brighter effect, but to disguise blemishes, so far I still have not seen a significant change in my acne scars, possibly with the use of routine and regular (at least 1x in 1minggu) will visible changes. Scent of this mask as herbal (jamu). Her fragrance remains after we rinse.huhuw
but that's not a problem with the results given ^^
I used to make this mask with Air Mawar. I make it also very easy to stay you mix with water. wear full-face, leave on for 15 min then rinse with clean water. The results were amazing really!!! You shall try this mask. The price is very cheap under 10rb ($1).

I am very tired today, I hope this post helps you who are confused to find the mask..hehehe

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