Herblinic Restorative Ampoules

Sabtu, 10 November 2012

Second post today..^^

Seriously, not arrogant, I rarely break out. and I love to try new products. I have acne when I stop using the cream Gaje! so sorry I know it's cream.
Thank God, now my face is good enough. Hahaha
from now on use the clear only, and do not ever try to wear something that is not necessarily the content contained on the product. because it can make you regret.
but I also still no acne when PMS, (a problem all women). not every month also acne appears. but a year would also appear. LOL

You have to know about sulwashooyes, (you can read Here) sulwashoo is one of the high skincare in korea. This time I want to review about one of the products of the sulwashoo, namely Herblinic Restorative Ampoules.
Herblinic has a 5-week program, so it does not take long to use it. but for me, I use the time herblinic like acne symptoms. I give you three days starting flat and fast acne mature

Sample packaging is very unique, very glossy brown color match Sulwashoo-based herbal. Very classic!! ^^
Back of the packaging it says korean. I still do not understand .. LOL 
The contents of the sachet 1ml, we can use 4-5 times to all parts of the face, but to me that acne is not too much of one sachet can use 10 times as possible. Because of its condensed liquid then just wear a little thin.

Very thick texture, herblinic is very fragrant. typical Korean herbal. Because these herbal products then I suggest to wear thin, in my experience a lot of wear can cause severe acne.
You should not be surprised once after using herbal products often really cause purging, Do not quit and move on!
Herbal products can be used as well detok. Get rid of toxins in the body from harmful substances

What I love :
  • Quickly treating acne
  • although it did not make a sticky viscous texture
  • fragrant herbs
  • easily absorbed into the skin
What I Hate :
  • PO had to buy at online shop
  • counter only in big cities
  • full size is expensive (but very good quality at that price)

Highly recommended for acne that often exist. Very safe and expensive .. hahaha

Thanks for Reading..

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  1. Balasan
    1. mahal abiss...nyampe 500k
      tp worth lhoo.. ayoo cobain ;p

  2. The product looks nice, haha I envy you that you rarely break out~ =D

    1. This product is very effective for acne .. Let's try dear ..
      diligent cleansing can prevent acne ^ ^


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