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Rabu, 21 November 2012

hallo beauty lovers,

This time I want to give know if Etude House've just issued a baby unyuuu .. wkwk
Collection is very different because packingnya a very luxurious and very cute.
Tapi tetep dengan warna khas Etude House, pink. ^^
The product is very cute, and the person who first saw would immediately fall in love, right?

 I will introduce one by one product.... (bakal panjang nih :p)

  • Princess Etoinette Floating Heart Blusher 
This is so cute blusher. of the packing and its contents are very suitable and very girly
very fancy packing makeup like a princess. It was not to be outdone by the beautiful form of love.
Puff blusher comes with a very unyuuu :p  
Priced at about 25,000 Korean won. mehooong di packingnya nih >,<

  • Princess Etoinette Floating Highlighter
Packing the products are very similar to the packing blusher. the difference may be only a silver white color. It is also the same shape that blusher and the price is around 25,000 won.

  •  Princess Etoinette Crystal Powder
Packing like blusher and highlighter, which differ only it was powder, entahlah apa kandungannya bisa disebut crystal powder T____TThe price around 22.000 won.

  • Princess Etoinette Crystal Shine Lipstick
This lipstick shade consists of 8 colors
I think the color is the same as any other lipstick, which may differ only in the packing. Priced at around 13,000 won.

  •  Princess Etoinette Shiny Tears Liner Set
This etude like tears liner before, this one set consists of liquid eyeliner and teardrop eyeliner so this is very practical, we can get two colors and you can choose .. hehehe
the price is also cheap for a set of these, around 10,000 won.

  •  Princess Etoinette Bubble Bath Bar 
It's really cute soap bar, love the shape and the color is soft pink. And smell this soap rose ^^
This price around 11.000 won.

  •  Princess Etoinette Rose Brush (price around 10.000 won)

  •  Princess Etoinette Mirror (price 5.000 won)

  •  Princess Etoinette Brush Set 
About 25,000 won price. mehiii neik >,<

  •  Princess Etoinette Perfume Candle (9.000 won)

  • Princess Etoinette Rose of Versailles (8.000 won)

  •  Princess Etoinette Hair Brush (1.500 won)

Nah, two pictures below there we can use for day and night makeup

Etoinette Day Look

Etoinette Night Look

Get tired and sleepy to write this post gals.hahahaha
May be useful and bags ready to buy it: p


disclamer: I wrote this article based on the pure source of the website Etude House on line Princess Etoinette

8 komentar

  1. I love Etude House!
    And this post is full of cuteness (:


  2. Kenapa lucu dan mahal sekaliiii!!!! >,<

    btw, check my last post ya k.. :D nominated you!! *belum dpt liebster award kan?? :p

    1. aaaarrg..muoeng yak..DP bb sampai pasang gmbr

      uda sih.. tp blm aq bikin postnya..asyik dech dapat
      thanks cici sayang :*

  3. Seriously, abis liat post ini langsung kepengennnnn ♥
    Gilaaaa, packingnya cantik banget dan ini nih yang pastinya bikin mahal harganya. Ya kan ya kan? Hahahaha!

    Mind to buy one of them, dear?
    Write a review about it, esp the floating heart blusher. Bener - bener berharap kamu beli dan review hahahaha :p

  4. thanks neni for visiting ^^

    aku juga berharap bgd bisa dpt itu blusher..hehe
    di tunggu ya reviewnya..hehehe



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