Circle Lens Review : Fairy 1 day Princess in Pink & Select Fairy in Street Brown from Pinkicon

Sabtu, 13 Juni 2015

Hey everyone!
Review circle lens again ~~
Which has kindly been sponsored by Pinkicon. Pinkicon is Hong Kong Largest Online Korean Color Contact Lens Store, provide over 300 different design of color lens.
They sell a big range of circle lenses, as well as a lot of makeup and other beauty accessories. For more info you can check here. ^^

Pinkicon kindly sent me two pair 'one day lens' called Fairy 1 day Princess in Pink and  Select by Fairy in Street Brown.

^Fairy 1 day Princess in Pink^

Lens Info :
Diameter : 14.20mm
Water Content : 38%
B.C: 8.70mm
Package contents: 5 pairs (10 pcs) all of the same power
Duration: Daily disposable

The color blends in well with my natural eye color. The diameter of these lenses 14.2 mm. They definitely made my eyes bigger but perfect enough to everyday worn. :)

I rarely wore another colour of circle lens except brown and gray for everyday. It's your option to wear pink lenses for everyday or not. But, this one give me natural looks, too!

I think pink lenses looks more beautiful when you wearing with eye makeup.

These lenses are definitely really great, they are comfy and have simple design that bring out the lenses. Overall, I love the colour of these lenses, and I think they're suitable for everyday occasions.

^Select by Fairy in Street Brown^

Lens Info :
Brand: FAIRY by Sincere-Vision
Imported from: Japan
Diameter: 14.2 mm (lens), 13.3 mm (pattern)
Base Curve: 8.7 mm
Water Content : 38%
Duration: daily disposable
Package contents: 5 pairs (10 pcs) all of the same power

Select by FAIRY is Japan's newest hit cosmetic lens! Street brown blends a gradated brown pattern with a greyish limbal rim to give brown eyes a sense of depth and dimension. Totally natural looking yet makes a detectable difference when worn.  

I wouldn’t say these are super enlarging since the diameter isn’t that large, but they do make a difference when worn.

The lenses were harder to put into my eyes than I’m used to, because they are of softer and bend more easily. However, they don’t sting my eyes, and are comfortable to wear. I wore these to work so they were in for at least 6-8 hours. I didn't feel any irritation at all.

Use this coupon code [ A24680000 ]  when you check out for any purchase of yearly circle lenses, you can get $5 off all circle lenses (except toric lenses). ^^

For more comfortable I always recommend a daily contact lens. These lenses are definitely suitable for every day use because they look quite natural, more so indoors. I have a minus and should wear contact lenses every day, because I am tired of wearing glasses. One day contact lens really helpful to keep healthy eyes from irritation. If you have sensitive eyes that cannot tolerate yearly and never tried circle lenses, you might want to give these a try. ^^

Thank you so much Pinkicon! :*

Thanks again for reading and have a lovely day! ^^
See you guys on my next post!
Dewie Aprillia ♥

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