FOTD : Barbie Inspired Make Up

Jumat, 30 November 2012

ohhh my God!!!!!
I was too shock for this post!!!!!!! today I will post about FOTD Barbie Inspired. My make-up has been from day last week but only to make its news now .. hehhe
So sorry for the bad quality photo, * I'm saving to buy a new camera * lol
Barbie make up is very simple, we only dare to apply pink eyeshadow and lipstick colors are like pink too. There are so many colors in use for barbie makeup tutorial, we can use the blue wanrna and blending well with pink. But sorry, here I just use white and pink ..

Barbie face very flawess, so you can use concealer after application bb cream or foundation. In this tutorial I am just simply using the Skinfood Aloe Vera BB Cream, after which I set with loose powder.

  1. Wear white eyeshadow on the eyelid, from end to end full yaaa (so sorry I forgot to eye primer, but it is not mandatory) 
  2. Use pink eyeshadow to the entire eyelid .. repeat until  it came out the colorpigmented (if eyeshadownya already pigmented may not need to repeat) 
  3. Blend, blend and blend :))
  4.  use eyeliner only on the eye line because Barbie is a western man who has a great eye..hahhaa
  5. Falshies
  6.  last use pink lipstick and blush on



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Etude House : Color My Brows

Senin, 26 November 2012

Hi all ..
In addition to
a great eye makeup, eyebrows should also be considered. Maybe for those who have bangs eyebrow should be ok if messy, but such winds hit what? hahaha lol

This time I want to review eyebrow dye that looks like mascara. Colour my brow from etude house. And this is the first time I bought the special makeup eyebrow, before I never wear a pencil and a good eyebrow shaping. I really like the Korean people's eyebrows. Lurusss.hehe


Color My Brows come in two shades Light Brown and Rich Brown. I decided to buy a light brown shade, because in my mind it would be similar to that used hair dye in the color black eyebrows that, would not go out if I buy a rich brown. But, light brown color really bright in my eyebrows, and it seem odd >,<.
The color is very bright and not match with my black hair. What might be because I wear too thick? I do not know: '( because I have a thick line and off color. (alisku tipis T.T).


Brush application is very similar to the mascara, the way life was very easy to stay we apply to our eyebrows.The packaging has been explained how life. Very easy to use. The texture of the liquid is very thick like mascara. Color My Brows is very durable, since some time ago is still loyal to the rain and stuck, To clean it we had to use makeup remover better.

This shade is too light, so light .. wkwk *kesalahan besar memilih shade!!! BUT, will not plasticity light if we wear thin..

What I love :
  • Cheap
  • Long lasting and not easily fade
  • Available two shade #light brown & #rich brown
  • Easy to use 
  • Very instant and fast to use
  • Coloring your eyebrows nicely and neatly

What I don't like :
  • Easy to dry for a case of this type of mascara

psssstt.... bonus picture...... *sleep

enjoy gals...
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Liebster Award

Minggu, 25 November 2012

woaaaaaaa .... Thanks Aprilia chichi Christiana and Medina Sumendap had nominated me for the award 

So, The rules is :
  1. When you receive the award, thank the person who gave it to you and post the link to his or her blog in your blog post.
  2. Then, post eleven things about yourself.
  3. Answer the eleven questions from the person who tagged you.
  4. Choose eleven inspiring bloggers whose blog has less than 200 followers, and link their pages in your post.
  5. Create eleven questions for them to answer.
*don't forget to visit their blog and tell them that you nominated them!*
Eleven things about me :
  1. I was 21 years old and I am married and have a little princess 
  2. I am among those who do not like complicated, simple is myl
  3. ove facials at home, I do not like beauty clinic! 
  4. rarely spotty, diligently wash my face lol 
  5. miss papa, he died when I was a baby: '( 
  6. I am 100% Java 
  7. I really like spicy food 
  8. more comfortable wearing shirts and pants instead of dress 
  9. hot soupy food and I loved 
  10. rarely go to the salon, biennially haircut
  11. I have a sister but she lives with her parents in pekalongan

 Chichi questions : 

  1. What talent would you like to have *except makeup talent* ? I have a talent for singing, modeling and fashion designing
  2. If you can eat as much as you can without getting fat, what food would you eat every day? ohh .. My  if it does exist .. I'll be going as much junk food and dimsum .. wkwk
  3. What hair color do you like?  I like dark brown color, but  I do not dare to for hair coloring
  4. Gyaru or Ulzzang? Ulzzang :D
  5. If you have the opportunity to create your own makeup products, what products would you make? I will make a blush on the very bright color, such as green or blue
  6. Who is the most inspiring your style? T-ara Jiyeon and them :*
  7.  What is the craziest thing you've done with makeup? I've never tried, but will try to make face painting
  8. What do you think about plastic surgery? nice and all, but depending on needs alone. if still in reasonable why not
  9. What style you are not really in? tomboy..don't like it..
  10. Tanned or light? light... I love korean :D
  11.  To be rich or pretty?? why? become rich, because the rich and beautiful we can buy all kinds of skincare and make-up.. LOL
Medina questions :
  1. Describe your make-up style => my daily makeu up more natural, just bb cream and nude lipstick :)
  2. What items are in your everyday bag => compact powder, lip balm, perfume, comb, mirror and tissue
  3. Five items that you always carry to the beach => sunblock, hat, cloth, lib balm, sunglasses
  4. What is your favourite make up brand =>I love channel for bag, and etude house for make-up
  5. Tell me one make up item you want the most at the moment => NAKED 1 UD..make me creazy!!
  6. Tell me three items of make up products you cannot live without => lip balm. blush on and bb cream
  7. Are you a dog or a cat person? =>dog maybe..hahahaa.. I don't know..
  8. If you can choose to be someone else, who do you want to be and why? =>Nope, I prefer my self
  9. Are you team Edward or team Jacob? =>I do not really know who they are
  10. Do you think you will still be a beauty blogger when you are 40 years old? Why?=>maybe, I will be blogging until whenever I survive
  11. Do you believe in God?=>Yes, God is everything
My question for you gals :

  1. Diskripsikan your life with color?
  2. What made you like the beauty world?
  3. Favorite lipstick color?
  4. If you can go without makeup?
  5. Mandatory stuff that should be taken when out of the house?
  6. What makes you like to social network?
  7. Specify the person you love most?
  8. How much budget do you spend on make-up?
  9. How much budget do you spend on skincare?
  10. Whether you're an eager to nail art ?
  11. What is your favorite cleansing? why? 

enjoy gals..xoxo
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Etude House : Princess Etoinette Special Collection

Rabu, 21 November 2012

hallo beauty lovers,

This time I want to give know if Etude House've just issued a baby unyuuu .. wkwk
Collection is very different because packingnya a very luxurious and very cute.
Tapi tetep dengan warna khas Etude House, pink. ^^
The product is very cute, and the person who first saw would immediately fall in love, right?

 I will introduce one by one product.... (bakal panjang nih :p)

  • Princess Etoinette Floating Heart Blusher 
This is so cute blusher. of the packing and its contents are very suitable and very girly
very fancy packing makeup like a princess. It was not to be outdone by the beautiful form of love.
Puff blusher comes with a very unyuuu :p  
Priced at about 25,000 Korean won. mehooong di packingnya nih >,<

  • Princess Etoinette Floating Highlighter
Packing the products are very similar to the packing blusher. the difference may be only a silver white color. It is also the same shape that blusher and the price is around 25,000 won.

  •  Princess Etoinette Crystal Powder
Packing like blusher and highlighter, which differ only it was powder, entahlah apa kandungannya bisa disebut crystal powder T____TThe price around 22.000 won.

  • Princess Etoinette Crystal Shine Lipstick
This lipstick shade consists of 8 colors
I think the color is the same as any other lipstick, which may differ only in the packing. Priced at around 13,000 won.

  •  Princess Etoinette Shiny Tears Liner Set
This etude like tears liner before, this one set consists of liquid eyeliner and teardrop eyeliner so this is very practical, we can get two colors and you can choose .. hehehe
the price is also cheap for a set of these, around 10,000 won.

  •  Princess Etoinette Bubble Bath Bar 
It's really cute soap bar, love the shape and the color is soft pink. And smell this soap rose ^^
This price around 11.000 won.

  •  Princess Etoinette Rose Brush (price around 10.000 won)

  •  Princess Etoinette Mirror (price 5.000 won)

  •  Princess Etoinette Brush Set 
About 25,000 won price. mehiii neik >,<

  •  Princess Etoinette Perfume Candle (9.000 won)

  • Princess Etoinette Rose of Versailles (8.000 won)

  •  Princess Etoinette Hair Brush (1.500 won)

Nah, two pictures below there we can use for day and night makeup

Etoinette Day Look

Etoinette Night Look

Get tired and sleepy to write this post gals.hahahaha
May be useful and bags ready to buy it: p


disclamer: I wrote this article based on the pure source of the website Etude House on line Princess Etoinette

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