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Sabtu, 10 November 2012

Morning beauty lovers ^^
Indonesian Beauty Blogger is holding makeup challenge in November.And the challenge this time is different because of the lucky few to get a gift from the Too Cool For School. So excited!! 
Theme for the challenge this time is "Enchanting Fairy". We are enjoined to make-up and dressed like a fairy in a fairy tale :)
I actually have an expert to make up a full color, I still do not dare to experiment with lots of full color eyeshadow. So I make up this challenge as the natural flower fairy ^ ^.

I use color on the eyes is a natural color like brown. Pretty standard with a thin eyeliner and false eyelashes. And this is my first time wearing false eyelashes without the help of others. hehe

Step my make up challenge :

 1. Apply the bb cream/foundation the face. 
After that use powder.

2. Apply brown eyeshadow on the eyelid.  
At the end of the disposable sheath dark brown eyeshadow to highlight the eyes.  
Blend with your fingers.

3. Apply eyeliner to line the eyes
(sorry, sedikit berantakan T.T)

4. Use false eyelashes.
(I forgot to apply silver eyeshadow in the eye at the end)

5. apply lipstick ^^

And this is the result : 

Make-up you can join this challenge. express your style fairy makeup ideas you ^ ^.
Good Luck Gals!!! xoxo

*just edited the lighting

14 komentar

  1. HIIY CANTIIIK ♥(οΎ‰´∀`)
    aku ikutan gak yaa, fairy bgusnya yg rmbtnya panjaaang

    1. hallo..ayoks ikutan..^^ deadline tanggal 20 November lhoo... :)

  2. Balasan
    1. hehee..makasih hana..
      ayokss km berubah jadi peri juga donk :p

  3. cantiiikkk.
    tinggal pakai dress pasti jadi maksimal banget deh perinya ;)


    1. hoo iya juga yah..hiks knp kmrn tak terpikirkan..huhuw
      thanks dear masukanny *kiss

  4. cantikkkkkk >.<
    pengen ikutan juga.. haha :D

    1. ayook dear..km pinter gambar wajah kn? pasti seruuu!!! :D

  5. cantiiikkk...emg dasarnya udh cantik nih ;)
    semoga menang yaa ^^

  6. cantikkkk bangett say!! make up nya simple n g ribet! acung jempol !!! xD


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