Monday, November 26, 2012

Etude House : Color My Brows

Hi all ..
In addition to
a great eye makeup, eyebrows should also be considered. Maybe for those who have bangs eyebrow should be ok if messy, but such winds hit what? hahaha lol

This time I want to review eyebrow dye that looks like mascara. Colour my brow from etude house. And this is the first time I bought the special makeup eyebrow, before I never wear a pencil and a good eyebrow shaping. I really like the Korean people's eyebrows. Lurusss.hehe


Color My Brows come in two shades Light Brown and Rich Brown. I decided to buy a light brown shade, because in my mind it would be similar to that used hair dye in the color black eyebrows that, would not go out if I buy a rich brown. But, light brown color really bright in my eyebrows, and it seem odd >,<.
The color is very bright and not match with my black hair. What might be because I wear too thick? I do not know: '( because I have a thick line and off color. (alisku tipis T.T).


Brush application is very similar to the mascara, the way life was very easy to stay we apply to our eyebrows.The packaging has been explained how life. Very easy to use. The texture of the liquid is very thick like mascara. Color My Brows is very durable, since some time ago is still loyal to the rain and stuck, To clean it we had to use makeup remover better.

This shade is too light, so light .. wkwk *kesalahan besar memilih shade!!! BUT, will not plasticity light if we wear thin..

What I love :
  • Cheap
  • Long lasting and not easily fade
  • Available two shade #light brown & #rich brown
  • Easy to use 
  • Very instant and fast to use
  • Coloring your eyebrows nicely and neatly

What I don't like :
  • Easy to dry for a case of this type of mascara

psssstt.... bonus picture...... *sleep

enjoy gals...


  1. iya ni, kurang gelap dikittt hehehe

    1. malah aneh nih.. rambut hitam alisnya blonde..wkwk

  2. aku juga barusan nyobain ini nih, ternyata sis udah review, aku ga jadi review deh hehehehe, nice review dah ^^

  3. km juga review donk sis..mau tau juga hasilnya d sis gimana..hehe

  4. Oh my gawd, I've been wanting this item for over a year~~~!!! but never really get a hand of them. I hope EH will held a discount fez again by the end of the year. thanks for the review ;3

    1. I also expect it, big discount for all products with no minimum spending haha
      thanks for visiting dear ^^

  5. hiks sayang warna na gak ad yg agak lebi gelap ya.. >.< tp kualitas na bagus yah.. jd pengen nyoba jg sist.. hehehe..

    if u dont mind, follow me please.. :D i'm still newbiee..

    1. ada kok sis, yg rich brown ga terlalu keliatan warnanya.. malah bisa nyatu lhoo..
      ini kesalahan besar untuk shade..huft hrsnya pilih yg lebih gelap T_T

      thanks you , nanti main2 yah :)

  6. alisku tebel, jd klo mau pke eyebrows msih ga pede

    1. di rapiin dlu dear.. punyaku juga lebih tebel dr yg d gambar,, aku cabut dikit..hehe

      thanks for visiting :)

  7. ini browcara kan ya?
    Pengen bener nyobain, tapi takut ga cocok aja diliat..
    padahal emang lagi in ya trend di korea n jepang makeup warna alis lebih terang dari warna rambut..

    btw, nice review ^_^

    1. ada kok say yg warnanya lbh gelap dr punyaku.. available 2 color ^^
      hahaa.. pengen dyed juga sih yg agak msh takut rambut rusak >,<

      thanks for visiting say :)

  8. di kamu hasilnya terang banget yah say, di blogku ky yg gak seterang itu deh, eh mungkin pengaruh rambutmu yg item yah jadinya contras. ilusi optik gitu, hehee

    1. mgkn say..rambutku item bgd soalnya..
      sama alisku kn tipiss T__T

  9. brow mascara brand korea smua warnanya coklat makanya aku ga prnah beli pdhl pengen nyoba jugaaa ( ̄へ ̄)

    1. yg rich brown warnanya natural lho ci..temenku trllu terang..wkwk
      klu brand jepang kuning2 warnanya >,<

      btw thanks c uda mampir :*


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