Magic II Color Lens From Klenspop [Review]

Senin, 26 Oktober 2015

Hey everyone!
Finally I have some time to just sit down and do another of these blog posts where I can just sit down and write a review again. I'm back with another lens review from my lovely shop Klenspop!

I got my package without problems while Korea at that time was celebrating thanksgiving day, and as always got cute box and tweezer. I have so many cute box circle lens from Klenspop, do you want it? lol

Description :
Magic II Color Lens
Manufacturer : M.I Contact
Origin : South Korea
Diameter : 14.0mm
Graphic Diameter : 13.1mm
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Water Content : 38%
using Period : 6 month
Package : 1 PAIR (2 pcs) + BONUS CASE

Magic II Color Lens has three color , they are blue, gray and brown. Lucky me they are sent me two color a gray and brown. Thank you so much Klenspop! :*

Words can't describe how much I like these lenses! The color is a perfect, especially brown one. They kinda blend with my eye color, and a little bit enlarge my eyes without looking fake. It really gives the pop, but not too dolly for me at least. I always look for natural lens for daily use, you know. Since it is a 14.0mm, the diameter is perfect for those looking for a natural but eye-catching look.

Wearing Magic II Color in Brown

Wearing Magic II Color in Gray

I find the gray slightly uncomfortable. But after wearing again I couldn't feel them at all and forget that i wearing lens! *thumbs up*


Overall, this is a nice choice if you are into natural looking color lenses. And as you know, Klenspop have many choices natural circle lens and comfortable. I love gray one! I love how comfortable it is and very natural to wear out anytime with or without makeup. ^^
Which one do you prefer? :D


See you guys on my next post!
Dewie Aprillia ♥

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  1. the brown one suits you, its daily wear so if me, i dont hesitated to use it XD

    Writer Of | My Dellilah Blog |

  2. halooo, visit blog aku yuk dan kasih comment untuk tugas kuliah, terimakasih :)

  3. waa yg grey cantik bgt >3< suka bgt pic paling bawahhh. Cantikkk ^^ ayoo kpn2 ktmuan sama sinta jg ^^ hihi


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