Review : Peripera Kiss Tint #3 Peach

Selasa, 12 Maret 2013

Today is Nyepi in Bali, a “Day of Silence” for self-reflection & purification to ring in the Caka New Year ^^
This time I'm reviewing liptint from Peripera. Peripera Kiss Tint. I choose shade #3 in Peach because peach is an natural color and suitable for daily make up. I bought it at Dreamie Chuppa :)
And the seller said this product has been discountinued, so I decided to buy it. hehehe

Packaging :
Packaging is very adorable as expected from the Peripera line.The packaging comes with a pink box and pretty pattern, you can see on the picture, so pretty kan >,<
The bottle is girly and floral cap. I think some people will like packaging this kiss tint. I hope it!

Texture & Shade :
Texture this liptint like a jelly and very veryyyyyy SHEER!! This liptint is almost like a lip cream, but it's more watery and easy to spread on the lips.I feel that this liptint is also quite sticky, which I dont like. The smeel very nice and with vanilla taste :p #eh

What I Love :
  • Cute Packaging
  • Makes lips plumper and healthier
  • Moisturizing
  • Jelly texture but not sticky

 What I hate :
  • Not long lasting
  • Not pigmented a.k.a sheer color

Overall : 
I think that it's a good product, especially because of it's good packaging, pretty color and a smell. I use this kiss tint as a lipgloss. Lips feel moist and healthy looks. Avoid using it while eating, because the kiss tint is not waterproof and long lasting.
Wanna try?

Thanks for reading,
xoxo ♥

6 komentar

  1. yups....I love the packaging, but too bad its not pigmented...

    1. I use it as a lipgloss because too sheer as a liptint :(

  2. the packaging looks cute!

    xo Sarvin

  3. Such a pretty coral shade! Love the packaging too<3


  4. iyaa...bagus banget sheer color nya....=D


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