Mimididi 3D Diamond Powder EyeShadow- No. 16

Jumat, 22 Maret 2013

Hello Everyone!
I'm back with a product from KKCenterHK again!! yeaii ^_^
So today I'm going to share my thought about eyeshadow single. The product is called Mimididi 3D Diamond Powder Eyeshadow. I never knew with this brand, but I'm very excited to try this because the product made in Korea. The color is silver and too much glittery and shimmer, is perfect for night party..hehehe


Packaging :
The product is simple and made by plastic. And comes with cute mirror and small sponge applicator. You can see below.

 A flip-up base

 Include a mirror...wow!! cute kan :D

Pigmentation :
Amazing!! Though have few fallouts but pigmentation is good enough and too much shimmery.

Glittery and shimmery .__.

What I Love :
  • Cute packaging, include mirror and applicator
  • I love shimmer and glitter eyeshadow
  • The color very pigmented
  • Travel friendly
What I hate :
  • Fallout texture
  • Not easy to blend it >,<
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  1. bagus banget shimmernyaaaa!!! wah, rok aku gak bikin sakit mata kah?neon begitu..hihihih....thanks for a nice comment on my blog, dear..



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