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Sabtu, 05 Januari 2013

So long I didn't post about review a product because I want to make good quality images in my blog posts, then I wait for a new camera ....yeaiii
My Hunny has make it happen ....thanks hunny!! loveeee You

Back to topic... XD

Since I love blogging, I'll look at  computer and sleep sometimes irregular. Dark circles come and make me a bit of confidence decline. I decided to look for eye cream that can remove the dark circles. In addition to eliminate dark eye circle cream seems to also function as an anti aging. Very interested in the "anti aging", many assume that the anti aging is only for adults who are aged 30 years. A fault!!
anti aging is prevention, not wrong if you wear it at an early age like 20 years. For example using sunblock when still of school age. You will regret it when lots of freckles on your face, and you know it's happening because you don't wear sunblock to prevent it.



This time I will review eye creams from SU:M 37 Secret Programming Eye Cream. SU:M 37 is one of the high class cosmetics brand in Korea.
Secret Programming is one line SU:M 37.SUM 37 resulting from the fermentation process, and I am very interested to try it out. From this line are very popular and best-seller is Secret Programming Essence (SPE) that many say this rivals of Facial Treatment Essence (FTE) from SK II.
Secret Programming Eye Cream has three advantages, namely reducing dark circle, reduce fine lines/wrinkles, moisturizes. Loveeeeeeee so much ^_^

Packing :
I chose the sample. color sample SU: M 37 Secret Programming Eye Cream is very elegant with the color red. one sachet samples contain 1ml. Can be used one week 2 x a day, 9-10 x use. For full size the bottle is very cute with a size of 20 ml.

Texture :
The texture of this eye cream like other cream, condensed and concentrated. When applied somewhat sticky, but will be instantly felt cold like water. Psssssttt, this eye cream is very hard to absorb so should always be massage. It also serves for absorption maximum eye cream.

Before-After SU:M 37

abaikan eyebag saya >,<

What I Love :
  • Moisturize the eye area
  • Makes skin lively and tigh
  • Natural fermented ingredients contained
  • Reduce dark circle
  • Didn't make the eyes of poignant
  • The contents of one sample could have used 9-10 x

What I Hate :
  •  Pricey,  78,000 won for 20ml >,<

I love the eye cream, because it moisturizes and reduce dark circle. I love the eye cream is very suitable with my eyes and it doesn't lead to poignant.
I've been using this eye cream for one and a half months, the results in may not quickly. We are diligent to use it.
Sample sachets is very helpful to me, more than anything else I've bought it many
There are 40 sample, right now there are still about 34 sachet, so within one and a half months I just spent 6 sachets only ...very efficient!!!

After you satisfied with Secret Programming Eye Cream, I'll try Secret Programming Essence who likes in compare with Facial Treatment Essence from SK II. hope it!!!
Maybe you guys would want to prevent premature aging and reduce dark circle, this could be the alternative. Wanna try?? :p

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  1. mau belliiiiii...tpi yg full versionnya dew..dmn yaa?

    1. ada bnyak yg jual full size nya git..biasanya yg jual sample2 gini :D

  2. I've been desperately trying to diminish my severe darkcircle too for more then a year already! haha... previously worked as a designer forced me to be continuously looking at the monitor+mountain of works to be done+stress+my addiction to DotA. LMAO~~~ so yeah, severe darkcircle, haven't found one cream that actually works on me...yet ;^;

    1. ayooo ayoo dicoba, tp istirahat juga penting sih.. dark circle agak berkurang, yg masih jd masalah cuma eyebag T______T

  3. beneran ampuh ya ?
    aku srg nyoba eye cream produk korea blm 1 pun lho yg berhasil >_<

    1. lumayan berkurang vi, seger aku upddate foto before afternya ^^
      stay tune :p

  4. wah sama dong,aku jg punya dark circle parah nh hahaha.. beli dimana ya itu?

    1. bisa titip aku hihii :p
      aku masih ada juga bbrp sample..wanna try? :p

    2. mau dong,berapaan sih emang sachetannya? bnrn ampuh gak sih? hehehe
      aku jg parah nh eyebagnya,trus kyk ada kerutannya,hiks :'(

    3. coba aja dear, perlu diinget sih respon tiap org ga ada salahnya buat coba^^
      oic nya segera aku update yaahh..
      km PM/email aku aja dear.. :)

  5. really want to try this one ><

    anyway I just nominated you for Liebster Award
    check this out

    keep it up <3

  6. this is the first time I heard about this brand~ It sounds really good! thanks for sharing~

  7. ini buat kantong mata ya cc ? aku mauu >< kantong mata aku gede banget soalnyaa hahaha . pm di aku harganya ya cc . sekalian follow back blogku :D

  8. yay~ korean products! I should really take advantage of all the awesome skin products available in Korea.... but I'm too lazy to do enough research to figure out exactly what kind of skin products i need!


  9. very useful recommendation... I want to have it too... >__<

    btw, im following ur blog... ppls follow back my blog if u dont mind... xoxo

  10. nice review dear. I admit that I'm one of those who thought that it's for 30+ woman :D


  11. nice review. jadi penasaran pingin coba :D

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  12. ditunggu foto before afternya yaa ^^ penasaran abis hehe

  13. Aaah, menggiurkan. Aku suka tidur subuh,so kayaknya mau masuk dftar wishlist sum ini.xixixixi


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