Landbis Big Eye Dual-use Eyeliner

Kamis, 24 Januari 2013

Today I will be reviewing a eyeliner from KKCenterHK, Landbis Big Eye Dual-use Eyeliner. This eyeliner is very efficient because it has a dual function, there are two forms in one pen eyeliner. You can choose either liquid form or pen form, very convenient, do not need to buy two pens :)
When I put on in the morning, the evening after I clear the remains are still visible, until the next morning I didn't have to use eyeliner..haha

Color: Black
Capacity: 3g
Size: 8mm x 8mm x 156mm

Tekstur :

1. Cream Eyeliner Stick.
This creamy textured stick eyeliner, it is very easy to apply, and smudgeproof. Doesn't need to be sharpened, because of its shape can be rotated like a lipstick. But, the color less pigmented, and easy to remove them. I don't recommend to use it at the waterline.

2. Liquid Pen
The tip of the needle like a ballpoint pen, I think it is extremely waterproof and suitable for application on the waterline. I wear when crying, pen eyeliner is not washed out.. Lovee it <3

sorry, I'm still learning to use eyeliner>, <

Overall :

I love this eyeliner because it's very practical, it consists 2 kinds of eyeliner, cream and liquid. The cream one also can be used as an eyeshadow ..
This eyeliner is very waterproof, it's very hard to remove..
I love the liquid pen, because it's very easy to apply. I've never tried liquid pen before..

The price is 14.76, i get mine from kkcenterhk.
Thanks for KKCenterHK sent me this eyeliner for reviewing :)


17 komentar

  1. guess I'll give pen eyeliner a shot ;)
    Btw, join my MsDressy giveaway and have the chance to win USD $80 gift voucher! <3
    Bisous :*

  2. unik ya, eyelinerny ada dua gt :D

  3. bedanya luquid sam pencil apa sih cc? :o setau aku kalo yang luquid lama keringnya ya ? soalnya aku pernah nyoba eyeliner , dia sama kaya gambar cc yang luquid juga :s

    oh iya cc , aku bikin blog baru , follow ya cc :3

    soalnya blog yang lama oenuh dengan giveaway post wkkwkw

    1. cuma beda bentuk sm aplikasi aja, enggak juga sih..ini cepet kok keringnya ^^

  4. my god, I want this eyeliner so bad >_<
    thanks for review ^^

  5. Kayaknya keren bnget... Akhirnya dbkin juga yaa review ny? Hehehe...

    1. hehe.iya glory..uda lama d draft juga soalnya ^^

  6. Balasan
    1. hihihi...lucu yah..warna packingnya pingky gt.. ^^

  7. wah 2 in 1 jeng? praktis ya >.<

  8. Wah patut dicoba nih. Baru nyoba liquid eyeliner tapi udah rapih begitu hasilnya > w <


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