NOTD : Go Green With Look Ever Nail Polish

Selasa, 11 Desember 2012

I love nail polish! I really love nail polish .. But I am not a lover of nail polish brand. there is a nice color and cute I would buy. hehe
Some time ago I was hanging out with Hunny. Stop at an accessories shop, in there selling nail polish colors are very funny. prices ranging from Rp 10.000 ($1) for nail polish. I am interested in the brand of nail polish "Look Ever" and I bought 2 colors: green and silver bling-bling. sooooo cute!

I bought a brand "Look Ever" coz the bottle is very similar to Innisfree nail polish. But I think the packaging "Look Ever" stronger than innisfree.
Nail polish price is Rp 25.000 ($3) only

I chose green for this post. I really like the green .. hahhaa GO GREEN! : p

The color is really beautiful.

What I Love :
  • Pretty colors
  • Make my fingers look bright
  • Just one application has been flat and nate
  • Cheap

What I Hate :
  • Easy to peel :(
  • Not long lasting (last about 3 days only)

Repurchase : Yes!!!! Many colors are very pretty, I would try to pick another color :D

Thanks you :)



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  1. Hi there, found you through the GIG facebook blog tag. Love your blog.


  2. Hi! I visiting from the GiG facebook blog tag! I also love nailpolish...actually I think I'm addicted to it because I have more than 200 bottles some quite expensive and some very very cheap...this green colour is very cute and I don't think I have something as light as this :)

    1. The color is very pretty .. and reasonably priced for the size of 14ml
      Really? I am very curious about the nail polish collection dear ..
      Whats your blog? I will visit it ^ ^

  3. omg the green is too cute XD

    1. pretty color and cheap..hihihihi

      thanks for visiting :*

  4. botol ama warna yg dipilih lucu banget ya <3 harganya juga ga mahal <3
    thanks for follow. im following you now
    visit my blog ^^

    1. iyaa Inge..mirip bgd sama innisfree punya..
      harganya itu lhoo murmerr abis...
      pengen ngoleksi semua warnanya..hehhe

      thank you inge ^^

  5. I love nail polish too. And I'm a sucker for OPI, China Glaze and Essie.

  6. Wow I love the nail polish bottle so cute, and the color looks so pretty <3

  7. belinya di mana sist? aq juga addicted banget sama nail polish

  8. Hi sist.. belinya di mana? aq suka banget sama nail polish :3

    btw, aq baru tau kalo innisfree ada nail polish nya :p

    1. belinya di naughty say..
      semua brand korea pny nail polish kok sayy hehehe ^_^


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