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Senin, 03 Desember 2012

Hi beauty lovers :)
How are you today? I hope you enjoy your day with fun: D
Today I will be reviewing products from Etude House is Bling Bling Eye Stick. This is the kind of stick-shaped eyeshadow. so,  we apply to the eye and smooth with fingers or a brush, it's easy right?

Bling bling eye stick there are 6 colors:
1. Shooting Star
2. Butterfly Star
3. Pink Supernova
4. Purple Aurora
5. Silver Milky Way
6. Great Bear Star

I bought the # 1 shooting star. Because the color is very pretty ^ ^. Packing of Bling Bling Eye Stick is very funny as a ballpoint pen. The lid can be opened and to use it to be turned on its body. But, although it is very easy to use I do not like because it was too big and could not produce such a fine line that we want to end in the eye. Packingnya color blue and there is writing on the white-colored product with a decorative star .. 

This product has a creamy texture. And waterproof, because I am very hard to remove. LOL

 sorry for the bad picture quality


What I like:
  • Long lasting 
  • Shimmery, not glittery 
  • Cheap 
  • Cute Color
  • Can be used for waterline  

What I don't Like :
  • Difficult to remove it

Repurches? Yes,  I'll try the other colors :)

Thanks For Reading..


12 komentar

  1. hihihi..tapi ga kayak syahrince lhoo :p

  2. Aku juga punya ini >.<
    Mau review juga kapan" ^^

  3. aku juga punya yang shooting star ><
    waterproofnya bagu menurut ku.. plus cheaper XD

    aku tag kamu di liebster award ^^

  4. hi, arissa thanks for this award :)

    iyya nih susah hilang >,< pengen beli warna lain..hehe

  5. Omg!! Racun!! Br order jewelnya holika padahal.. Hiksss~

  6. sama saja ci..ditunggu reviewnya yah ^^

  7. Wow nice I have always wanted to purchase the etude house bling bling eye stick, seen my girl frens wearing them~ <3

    But didn't know it's hard to remove >< Haha I will still purchase and try, looks really adorable and easy to use =D

  8. packingnya very similar to a pen, so don't worry to take to college LOL XD
    is very bored to remove it T_T
    cheap and good eyeshadow stick.. yeaiii..waiting for your review this product darling :*

  9. wah ini mirip ya sama proof 10 jewelry pencil, cuma yang itu lebih kecil aja. warnanya juga mirip banget loh :D

  10. I think so..ini emg lubangnya gede..klu pake hrs hati2..hehehe


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