Illumifree Advanced Illuminating Solution Cream [Skincare Review]

Jumat, 17 Juni 2016

Hey everyone!
I’m back with another skincare review. I'm sorry, i haven’t been able to post in a few days! I was a little busy but I hope now i have time to post a skincare review. ^^
Last month i got brand new skincare from Singapore it’s called Illumifree.  I've never heard of this brand before but i tried for one month and it did work really good on my skin.

Illumifree™ is a Singapore skin care brand, dedicated to offering the finest quality, highest performance products, formulated with luxury and prestige ingredients. With a team gathered from the industry’s top beauty companies, you will find expertise behind each product brought direct to you.

Illumifree Advanced Illuminating Solution Cream is white light creamy texture. It gets absorbed quickly without leaving any greasiness behind. This cream contains Arbutin and Colorless Carotenoids. They reduce the synthesis of melanin, which helps keep pigmentation at bay and prevents acne scars or age spots from showing up on the skin.

I should tell you a little bit about my skin condition, i have a combination with acne prone skin and i have a many pimple after detox using Masker Kefir.
I’ve been putting this cream onto my face every single night after i cleanse my face and i wake up with a soft and moisturized skin. After using this night cream for a month ,this product helped my skin to go back to way it was. I do have much acne scar, i don't think the cream really makes a difference to my scars to much. However, I've definitely noticed that my skin has been fairer and lighter after one month. You will not see the result immediately but by time you will see that your skin will glow from the inside and your pimple scars fading away a little. The condition of my skin has gotten better than before.

The disgusting thing is though, initially I started to notice more whiteheads. Just as the glow started to come on so did the whiteheads.

Is a great product that has made me fall in love! It makes my face feel like it's moisturized all night. I have acne on my face and it did work very well without any breakout when using this face cream.

For more information Illumifree about , kindly visit to :
Website :
Instagram : @illumifree 

 Thank you so much for reading!

See you guys on my next post!
Dewie Aprillia ♥

6 komentar

  1. bah, gegara kefir jadi jerawatan mak,
    tapi gimana yak, lw dah cakep mak, tambah putih jadi tambah cakep dah :D.
    gw baru nyimak nih brand, brand singapur yang lagi gw pake tuh Bio Essence, pekejing nya keren tapi ternyata harganya masih menengah, mayan dah XD

    1. iya ini makkkk..eike masih perang sama jerawat..
      beneran deh mak muka eike jadi lebih cerah pakai ini, buat bekas jerawat enggak begitu keliatan tapi muka kinclong :D :D

      Bio essence pernah denger tuh mak, uda ada di indo kan yak?
      kl ini harus online deh T_T padahal kayaknya cocok gini.. *puyeng ribet kalau mau repurches* hahaha

  2. jadi maju mundur nyobain kefir hiks, ini produknya aku baru denger tapi lumayan oke ya mencerahkan :)

    1. harus siap2 jerawatan say kalau mau coba kefir.. tapi habis itu muka jadi kenyal dan glowing ^^
      iya nih oke banget buat mencerahkan.. suka deh <3

  3. Baru nemu brand ini di ig td... Brandnya Baru ya, jd msh dikit yg review... Cuma dpt ini aja.. Thanks utk reviewnya... :)


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