Review : ES Hippocampal Starfish in the Ocean world Paper Eyelashes

Rabu, 18 September 2013

Hello everyone!
If you read my last post Runway Colors, I was wearing a very pretty paper lashes on my eyes makeup. This is the first experience of using the paper lashes.
I got the paper lashes from KKCenterHK. KKCenterHK selling fake eyelash range of high quality, and of course the paper lashes with a variety of patterns.

I picked the Hippocampal Starfish in the Ocean world paper lashes because I thought they looked very pretty and it's new model on the store.

 Product discription :
Under the sea, there have many many treasure. Do you want to get the treasure?
Let follow the hippocampal and starfish, to find the treasure with you!
 This special eyelash can make your eyes more charming, let you become the focus.

Brand New With Original Retail Packing BoxOne Pair In Box
100% Authentic
Main Materials : Paper

I think this paperlashes not difficult to apply and blend very well on my eyes. But, we must be careful when using it, because the material is made of paper and not flexible like the usual fake lashes. When removing also have to be careful, because it can be broken. I have made ​​a mistake when removing it, paperlashes broken into two parts. But do not worry, my paperlashes can still be used.

 What I Love :
  • Pretty patterns
  • Easy to use
  • Not heavy :D
What I Hate :
  •  Not flexible, I think. it's better suited for create dramatic eye make-up

If you interest with paperlashes, go visit KKCenterHK and don't forget to use coupon code "PINASTIKA" to get 10% OFF.

xoxo ♥

14 komentar

  1. Balasan
    1. starfish in the ocean hahaa makanya banyak bentuk ikan2 sama kuda laut ya mak xixixi

  2. anti badai>< wkwk

    yuk ikut giveaway

  3. begghhhhh eyelash nyaaa! cetarrr <3

    1. cetar membahana antai badai katrina ini git hahahaa

  4. Wow, gorgeous! Seru banget itu falsies nyaa :D Dan hebat ya dia gak berat, aku selalu pengen coba tapi belum pede hahaha ;p

    Current Post: Review on Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint

    1. bener banget,,keliatannya berat tp pdhl enggak berat2 bgd,,
      ayoo Yuri cobain..hihi lucuu lashesnya <3

  5. Bagus wie..Cpoba tema FODT nya putri duyung. Cocok dipake sama eyelash ini ya

    1. hwaa susah tuh make up putri duyung bel.. hihi
      thanks sarannya yah.. jd pengen bikin make up putri duyung nih

  6. uuuuuu,,lucu sekali bulmatnya,,tp sayang gak bs dipakai keluar ya say? xixixi

    1. lucuuu banget ini sayy, cuman ya itu ga bisa dipake keluar..hahha aneh lah ya, pake syahrini aja jd pusat perhatian apalagi pake ini wkwk lucuuu ya..ada kuda lautnya <3

  7. ajiibbb yang ini, bener2 suka bulmat ini :3
    *masih nungguin yg katy pery xixixi*

    1. kyaaa..maapkeun daku mak! kelupaaan T__________T
      *brb cari di lemari


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