Review : Etude House Dear Darling Roll Roll Gloss #8

Sabtu, 01 Juni 2013

Hello Everyone!!

Welcome June! Be better and be nice month ya ^_^
So, today I wanted share about my favorite Lipgloss from Etude House. It's called Dear Darling Roll-Roll Gloss. Hmm, I got it from Glory Chen (Thank youu Glory! :*) Please visit and support her blog ^^

Sorry for bad quality photos >,<

Packaging :
The packaging is very cute with pretty design and looks classy. Have a transparant bottle, so you can see the lipgloss colour.

Applicator :
I think this is very unique applicator. Because it is not so thick, very soft and hard. I love this type applicator. Looks different from other applicators. Oh ya, the brush will rotate when you roll it your lips and help you applying the gloss. It has this rolling cylindrical applicator. As the name Roll-Roll Gloss ^_^

Swatch & Texture :
Really love this color! The texture is quite smooth and it’s medium thick and is generally comfy to wear.

What I Love :
  • Affordable price ( around $7)
  • Pretty packaging
  • Natural colour
  • Love the moisturizing effect
  • Fruity scent and smells
What I Hate :
  • I have nothing bad to say about this lipgloss :p

Overall :
I really like this lip gloss! makes my lips looks so juicy and smooth, also it feels nice on my lip like they are moisturizing them. Love the moisturizing effect, natural colour and the result shiny lips :D

I'm just using moisturizer and loose powder on my face, and just eyeliner on my eyes :p
On lips? Just Etude House Dear Darling Roll-Roll Gloss :D

xoxo ♥

22 komentar

  1. warnany sheer banget yaak dew >.<

    1. sheer banget Na, tp cukup melembabkan lho.. ga lebay gitu shiny nya :D

  2. aku punya yg tomato. lembab sih tp sayang warnanya cepet banget ilang. lebih kluar n awet yang luci darling.. tapi emang ini lbh murah, ada kualitas ada harga ya :P

    1. bener banget..aku liat reviewnya luci darling bagus2 dan lumayan awet untuk warna lipgloss..
      xixixi emang ya ada harga ada kualitas :p

  3. sheer nya bagus! cocok buat hari2 nya mana?hehhee...

    1. setuju banget..xixiix
      aah iya nih lama banget ga update video T_T

  4. perfectly natural banget :D cakep :D

  5. aku pikir pake roll dari namanya wkwkwk :v

    1. wkkwkw itu kuasnya muter gitu pas dipake.. aneh deh, unik juga sih ya..haha

  6. It suits you very well :D

  7. cakep wie, warnanya pas buat sehari2 :)

    1. iya ci, malah keliatan natural banget kayak enggak pake lip gloss... :3

  8. thank you dear :)
    I will visit your blog soon! ^^

  9. nice gloss :) following you now dear, if you want you can follow me back <3 <3

  10. I"m a big fan of Etude house and really like their range of lip products. THeir lip gloss line is amazing! Really like the color on you. very natural and glam!

  11. makasih commentnyaaa...tetatp di tunggu ya paketnya..hihih...uda dalam perjalanan itu...=D

  12. Warnanya bagus, sis :) Really Natural, cocok utk daily use ^_^v

    Btw, yuk ikutan PINKYLICI0US GIVEAWAYS…
    banyak hadiahnya loh….dari merek Etude House, Tony Moly, The Face Shop, It’s Skin, etc
    ajak teman2mu jg yach, ada SURPRISE GIFTS too for your friend ^_^v
    Caranya gampang banget koq, cek di
    Thank u so much, dear ^_^v


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