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Minggu, 28 Oktober 2012

Heii Beauty Lovers...
For the first time, I wanted to post using the English language. mood want to use english .. hehe

This time I am posting in the underlying of Looxperiments blog. As a newbie I'm still new to the game follow tag and so on .. hehehe. And for the first time for me. This time he discussed about ̈ Looxtag: Fashion & Beauty Products You Avoid ̈. So discuss about the fashion and beauty are not going to want me to use.

  • Foundation
I do not know because what most do not like to wear foundation. If I wear foundation my face looks stiff and heavy. I was also traumatized by the first time trying to grow acne foundation next day, when it was clean. huhuw

  • Mini Skirts and Mini Dress 
Once when I was a teenager I loved to wear mini skirts, hot pants and mini dress. But now after giving birth to my calves are too big and a lot of scars. Embarrassed if they have to be seen. skin of the foot is also very dry, and less time to apply lotion over and over again. For a while I used to avoid wearing it all. waiting for the shape my body back skinny .. LOL

  •  Double Eyelid Tape
 I do not like to wear it, heavy and thick impression when wearing. besides my big eyelid. so do not really need.

  •  Lipgloss 
 I prefer to use a lip balm than a gloss. Don't really like lip gloss. (seperti habis makan gorengan LOL).

  • Colorful Leggings and Jeans
 I do not trust myself to use it and look fat. until whenever I would not wear it. unless forced .. hahaha

  • Sasak Hair
Create and matted hair loss :'(
  • Long Nails
very difficult to perform activities using long nails. especially if you wear contact lens. I am sure once a week I cut my nails.
  •  Maxi dress
 Bikin saya tenggelam..hahaha maklum body buntet T_T 

It's just that I avoid, but do not rule out the possibility that one day I wore it. Depending on the mood and condition .. LOL
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6 komentar

  1. Dulu aku suka banget pakai foundation, trus beralih ke BB cream~ udah lama banget ga pakai foundie, sekarang pakai sekali aja langsung jerawatan :(

    1. pengalaman sama nih..pdhl uda di bersihin pake cleanser jg..jd ga berani lg pake foundie...
      kmrn juga pas ke kondangan mnta make up artist nya gnt sama bbc dr aq aja.. berat pula..gmpng luntur..hahaa

      thanks for visiting sha ^^

  2. wah aku malah lb demen foundie drpd bbc.. =D

  3. km pake foundie apa ci? d aku bikin jerawat :(


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