Sabtu, 20 April 2013

My First Giveaway | ♥ Birthday Giveaway ♥ | (CLOSED)

Hallo Everyone!!

Finally I could held my first giveaway! Yaiii ^_^
It's to celebrate my birthday on 21 April  and I can't believed turned 22 finally.
I want to say thank you for reading, comment and all support me on my blog. I have 150++ followers now. Thank you so much! :D

Sorry for those small prizes :( I hope all of you like it ^^

The Prize :
  • MUA Glamour Night (1)
  • My Beauty Diary Mask (1)
  • Lioele Triple Solution BB Crean ( Sample)
  • BRTC Whitening & Repairing BB Cream (Sample)
  • Skin Food Gold Caviar Cream (Sample)

Please fill the Rafflecopter bellow to join the giveaway :

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And then, please leave comment in the below :

Name :
Email :
Twitter :

The giveaway will be closed on the 8 June 2013. This giveaway is open internationally. Feel free to ask me guys. Good luck!!! 

Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway. The winners will be contacted by email! :D

note : please don't do something like unfollowing after the giveaway end, or you will get banned to enter another giveaway in the future, so it will fair for the other followers :)

xoxo ♥

45 komentar:

| miss rhea | mengatakan...

Name: Gita (Rhea)
GFC: kim rhea
Twitter: @LiL_Rhea

<3 <3

Catherine Widjaja mengatakan...

name : catherine widjaja
email :
GFC : catherine wijaya
twitter : @littlecathh

btw , ini pemenangnya dari mana ? random kah ? atau poin terbanyak ? :D

Bunda Putri Ehara mengatakan...

Hai Sis Dewie, I joined your giveaway yach! (^_^)
Namae: Putri Ehara
GFC: Putri Ehara
Email: ehara[dot]putri[at]gmail[dot]com
Twitter: @PutriEhara

Thank you for holding this lovely giveaway <3

Mariani Lo mengatakan...

Happy Birthday Ci Dewie :* Lemme join your giveaway yah ..

Name : Mariani Lo
GFC : Mariani Lo
Email :
Twitter : @mariani1314

Thanks for hosting this giveaway and wish me luck Xoxo


Sabrina Tedjokusuma mengatakan...

Dear, ikutan yak :D

Name, GFC : Sabrina Tedjokusuma
email :
Twitter : @SabrinaTe

Hana's Clay mengatakan...

Name : Hana
GFC: Hana's Clay
Facebook: hana clay
Twitter: @hanalone

Thankyou for this lovely giveaway! ^^

Inge Lakawa mengatakan...

Name: Inge Lakawa
GFC: Inge Lakawa
Twitter: @ilakawa

selamat ya :)
visit my blog ^^

renturquise mengatakan...

Ikutan yah :D
Happy Birthday btw, Wish u all the best

Name : Lauren
GFC : Lauren renturquise
Email :
Twitter : @renturquise

cindyhonggo mengatakan...

Name : Cindy Honggo
email :
twitter : @cindyhonggo

Chisaleith mengatakan...

Name: indriani kristinawati
GFC: tropical_bananna88
twitter: @snowflake_fao


Chisaleith mengatakan...

Name: Indriani Kristinawati
GFC: chisaleith
twitter: snowflake_fao


Thais Magalhães mengatakan...

Name: Thais Magalhães
GFC: Thais Magalhães
Twitter: @thaat

Thais Magalhães mengatakan...

Name: Thais Magalhães
GFC: Thais Magalhães
Twitter: @thaat

Arga Litha mengatakan...

Nama: Artha Amalia
GFC: Arga Litha
twitter: @ArthaAmalia
FB: Tha Artha

Winda mengatakan...

Nama: winda trisuci
GFC: Winda
Twitter: @wind1403

congrats wie :)

raditya almasy mengatakan...

Nama : Valentino Raditya Kusumaho
GFC : marmoyo
Email :
twitter : @marmoyoo
fb : valentinoraditya

Ika Lyta mengatakan...

ikutan ^^
Name: Ika Lyta
GFC: Ika Lyta
Twitter: @okika_

mitchellina metta mengatakan...

Name, GFC, FB : mitchellina metta
twitter : @mitchellinaa
email :

anjarsari widyastuti mengatakan...

name & gfc : anjarsari widyastuti
email :
twitter : @asty_anjar
thanks :)

Ellen Tjondro mengatakan...

Name, GFC: Ellen Tjondro

Thank you :)

Meylin Wiratama mengatakan...

Name: Meylin Wiratama
Twitter: @Meylin Wiratama
Facebook: Meylin Wiratama

btw Happy Birthday ya♥

Stevanie Quinn mengatakan...

happy birthday!

GFC: Stevanie Quinn
Nama : Stevanie
email :
twitter : @stevaniequinn

Rahma Brilianita mengatakan...

GFC: (✿◠‿◠)
Nama : Rahma
Email :
Twitter : @brilianitasari

Isaa mengatakan...

GFC: Isaa
name : Isabel Almeida

Sarah mengatakan...

name: sarah yim
gfc: xlicious
twitter: @xlicious

thanks so much!
xoxo Sarah

Vania Hendra Gunawan mengatakan...

name : Vania Hendra Gunawan
GFC : Vania Hendra Gunawan
Twitter : @Vania_Hendra
email :

wuri septiarini mengatakan...

name: wuri septiarini
GFC: wuri septiarini
twitter: @wuriiy
email: `

patricia dias mengatakan...

name:Patricia Dias

J-Mei mengatakan...

Name: Kien Mei
GFC: J-Mei
Twitter: @KienMei

Sofia Braga mengatakan...

Nome: Sofia Braga
GFC: Sofia Braga
Twitter @BlogEstrelasBri


Stefani Margareta mengatakan...

Name : Stefani Margareta
GFC : stefanif
Twitter : @fanimargareta
email :

thank u ^^

ratu kabi trisan mengatakan...

name : ratu chairunissa
GFC :ratuceha
twitter : @ratuceha
email :
arigato :)

ratu kabi trisan mengatakan...

name : ratu chairunissa
GFC : ratukabi
twitter : @kabitrisan
email :
arigato :))

silviabia mengatakan...

Name: Sílvia Ferreira Carvalho

Rika Sakana mengatakan...

Name: Rika Sakana
GFC: Rika Sakana
Twitter: @noix1310

Andreia Elisabete Diniz Barradas mengatakan...

name: Andreia Barradas
GFC: Andreia elisabete Diniz Barradas
twitter: @borboletabeleza

cheniwenci ♥ mengatakan...

nama :. dina chen
GFC :. dina chen
twitter :. @dina_sama
email :.

thanks to an awesome giveaway ^^

Ery Wicaksana mengatakan...

Ikutan ya jeng :D

Nama : Eriyani
GFC : Ery Wicaksana
Twitter : EryMaggot
Email :

gita felinda mengatakan...

GFC: Gita Felinda
Twitter: @gitafelinda

Hope i win... :)

meutia nuraini mengatakan...

Aku ikutan ya, makasih kesempatannya.. :)
Nama : Meutia Nuraini Rachmawati
GFC : Meutia Nuraini Rachmawati
Email :
Twitter : @muttiiiiaaa

cristmart09 mengatakan...

Name: Cristine Martinez
GFC: cristmart09
Twitter: @Cris_mart09

Vanisa Desfriani mengatakan...

nama: vanisa desfriani
gfc : vanisa desfriani
email :
twitter : @ishavanisa

Dede Elin mengatakan...

Nama : Dede Elin Herlina
GFC : Dede Elin
Email :
Twitter : @ddelin1

FireStarBooks mengatakan...

Name: Ashley Chen
GFC: Firestarbooks
Email: catchingashootingstar[at]hotmail[dot]ca
Twitter: @Firestarbooks

Amie Mes mengatakan...

Thanks for this giveaway ! :)
Name : Imane Meskerkid
GFC : Amie Mes
Email :
Twitter : @HelloHi59

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