Selasa, 11 Desember 2012

Make Up : End Of Year Party

Yeaiii!!! Christmas and New Year is coming ^^
Really didn't expect a year of rapid change .. already December and the year 2012 will come to an end.. But it must keep the spirit! And. there is still time to catch a wishlist yet accomplished this year.. LOL

The time I just post my FOTD, I had to make a tutorial but what power has done make up and remember That this makeup blog .. hehehe 

Just simple make up, because I was not smart enough for such an experienced MUA: D 
For the evening so I will highlight the eyes use a brown eyeshadow, eyeliner, and do not forget to use falshies dramatic.
Simple enough for a New Year's Eve event.

I wear a scarf like a bandana for hair. Very simple!!! OmayyyyGod! My hair looks beautiful! LOL

I'm using : 

- The Skinfood Aloe Vera BB Cream
- Marcks Loose Powder
- Viva Blush on
- RiveraShimmering Powder
- My Darling Liquid Eyeliner
- Just Miss Eyeshadow Pallete in brown, grey and black
- Naomi Falshies
- Etude House Color my brow
- Nude lipstick from Latulip

Pssssttt....Special make up for IBB December Challenge theme is "End Of Year Party". You can also join in the IBB challenge.

Thank you..xoxo

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Rini Cesillia mengatakan...

sayang bibirnya krg berwarna.. kalau agak pink kyny lebi bagus wi :D

Hana mengatakan...

cantik! dew..

Dewie Aprillia mengatakan...

makasih hana :* :*

Dewie Aprillia mengatakan...

efek cahaya kali ya ci..aslinya peach orange..
hihii makasih ci time coba lagi :*

Erna Wijaya mengatakan...

Imut >.< hihihi

Dewie Aprillia mengatakan...

hehehe..thanks erna :*

q0q0 mengatakan...

You look very pretty my Dear, love your eye make up~ ^_^

Dewie Aprillia mengatakan...

thanks u darling :*
it's simple eye make up... :*

Jnny Edwr mengatakan...

cute :)


Dewie Aprillia mengatakan...

waaww..thanks ^^

| miss rhea | mengatakan...

cuanciik cuantikkk ^^

Jan Mitchelle mengatakan...

You are so stunning! :) Lovin your style ;)
Followed your blog already. Hoping you'll follow mine too :)

Dewie Aprillia mengatakan...

thanks git :*

Dewie Aprillia mengatakan...

thanks dear!! already follow u back :D

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